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Published Dec 01, 20
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This rigid way of teaching maths for kids has maybe put your child off education altogether. A different perspective could be just what you need to inspire a love of maths ¦ source: VisualhuntTo reinvigorate their passion for maths and give them the motivation to succeed, why not find a one to one tutor? A level and undergrad students are particularly useful since they have years of experience with the school system and can therefore help pupils understand what exactly exam boards are looking for.

This is where the tutor steps in to show them their strengths and build their self-esteem. One advantage of recruiting a full-time professional or self-taught private tutor is the freedom in their teaching methods. This includes the freedom to approach a subject differently than the education system according to the pupil's individual learning style.

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Students also feel more at ease with private tutors, who may be easier to get along with than your average school teacher. This is because they come down to the student's level and work their way up the learning ladder together with them. Some parents worry about the children reaching the specific school standards and therefore choose to contact tutors with experience teaching national curriculum maths.

This is the best way to keep in line with the school syllabus. The idea behind this is staying within the pupil's comfort zone with a familiar approach to learning. There are many advantages to this method including focussing on maths worksheets tailored to specific exam boards. For example, a teacher who has experience teaching VCE Maths Methods units 1-4 or VCE Specialist Maths 3-4 in school will be able to view and work through past VCAA Maths Methods exam questions or past VCAA Specialist Mathematics exam questions with the student.

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However, the disadvantage is that it could bore the student, who already spends around 30 hours a week at school and hour after hour doing homework with the same framework. Some students may begin to feel overwhelmed as the lines between home and school are blurred, making maths a sensitive subject and discouraging them even more.

When looking for extra maths help, you should whittle down your findings to the best tutors available. Whether they focus on maths homework help, academic support, home tutoring, or online tutoring, you need to organise a mini-interview in which you will ask them more about their work as a math tutor to see if they're right for you.

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Visualise your perfect tutor and use their qualities in your questions! ¦ source: PixabayIn case you need some inspiration, here are some examples of the questions you could ask:How many years have you been a private tutor?Can you provide any references?What qualifications do you have?What are rate do you charge per hour?Are there any area of maths you specialise in? (E.g.

Last Updated: October 4, 2020 For many people mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects in school. Students that struggle find it helpful to get personalized one-on-one tutoring. In order to be a good mathematics tutor, you need to be patient and have a strong knowledge of the concepts that the student is struggling with.

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Has it become a struggle for you or your child and you are looking for a private math tutor? We’ll let you in on a little secret…..once you find the right math tutor and get started, you’ll wonder why you took so long to start! Whether it’s elementary math or a college math tutor that you need, there’s going to be several available that can help you with whatever math class or math test prep that you need.

To start with, just choosing an online math tutor without doing some checking on if this tutor is a fit for you or your child could be a recipe for disaster. There are a few things to consider when looking for a tutor. Another key point is not to simply focus on the “pedigree” of the tutors that you find.

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It’s impressive and great that they have any or all of that…. but can they teach? There’s a massive difference between being a rocket scientist and tutoring Algebra I successfully. This means you need to check their tutoring background and experience and determine if there’s a fit for you or your child.

Do they mostly work with elementary students or college level? There’s a tremendous difference. Speak with the tutor, check out their reviews. Ask questions! Make sure that the tutor knows what you are struggling with and do they have suggestions and the ability to assist you or your child in these areas.

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That’s a good sign! So when you are looking for a private tutor for any of the above math subject areas or another area, check for tutors that have experience in tutoring that subject. Read the reviews of other students that were tutored to see what they have to say.

The sooner that you get started with tutoring and get the help that you need, the less likely that you or your child will fall behind in school. Unfortunately, math is one of those areas where once you slip behind it becomes far more complicated and difficult to ever catch up.

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Good luck with math this year and your success moving forward! We wish you all the best. If we can assist, please do not hesitate to contact us or check out our math tutors that are available in your area as well. They are the experts that can help you or your child achieve the results that they deserve.